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CPA Advertiser Issues

No traffic

You spend time on connecting the offer to the network, replenish the deposit, but efforts are not converted into leads

The presence of fraud

You get incent traffic, and CPA-networks do not rush recompense the losses suffered

High deposit

You block hundreds/thousands dollars without guarantees of receiving traffic to your offer

We offer

  • Download an offer in a few minutes without making a deposit

  • And find out whether there will be traffic to your offer in the CPA-network

Why you should choose Traffic Light?

Compensation for fraud

In 95% of cases, we track fraud on our own. In case of missing of incent traffic, we will reimburse cost outlays

Expert analysis

We give forecasts and tips on loaded offers and share experience on how to increase the average bill by 2-3 times

Guaranteed traffic

Thanks to our own traffic channels, you are guaranteed to receive a test flow of visitors

Minimal deposit threshold is 100 USD

We return the deposit on demand within 1 day

Product development

We help to formulate product USP and highlight the pains of the target audience of the proposed offer

Top offers that we brought out for 1 year

EMS Trainer

Eyebrow Stamps

Interactive monkey Prilipuntsel

Индуктивные машинки

Liquid grass "Hydro Mousse"

Overhead Veneers "Perfect Smile"

Is your product not packaged for sale?

Our experts will assist in the packaging and the launch of the offer
if your product seems long-range.

Our experts are developing

Selling texts

Landing Design and Layout


Promotional materials

Other necessary creatives

You get the finished product and guaranteed traffic flow

Traffic Light by numbers


years at the market


approved leads


people on a full-time basis without
call center specialists


offices in Moscow,
Kostroma and Vinnitsa


On our own commercialized 82 offers over
the past year

Our goals

  • Provide you with quality traffic

  • Save your time

  • Make your product sell

Buy your products

If it was purchased on our recommendation and did not sell
There are no such offers at the CPA-networks market!

Frequently asked questions

Why don’t you return the money if I paid the application to the webmaster, and the client did not buy the products?
The behavior of customers in the Russian market is such that about 40% of customers withdraw from a purchase for various reasons. There are dozens of reasons: someone found cheaper, someone did not like the quality, someone just changed his mind.

In addition, customer support, timely information at different stages of delivery, the shipment speed and a number of other factors also affect the buying-out. This is a business and you should take this into account in a separate expense item in your company.

However, once again we want to emphasize that if the application is initially formed by a mystery shopper, you will receive compensation, since this is our field of responsibility.
The cost of products on the landing is 10$, and for a confirmed application you need to pay 8$. At this expense, I will work for minus, how should I be?
With a low price, you attract several folds more potential clients with whom the call center starts working after the application has been filed and increase the average bill. For example…

Sell a more expensive version of the same product, which is several times more profitable for the customer. Recommend additional products for a comprehensive solution to customer problems, and so on. As a result, bill for 10$ turns into a bill for 20 - 30$.
What should I do if I don’t have call center?
On our full-time basis there are more than 50 professional operators with 3 years work experience, who not only lean on sale, but also increase your starting bill by 3-5 times.

You get access to the records of conversations to ensure the quality of service and reliability of the information that sellers convey to your customers. At any time you can refuse the services of our specialists and process applications by your employees.

How to connect?

Before you connect to the Web and deal with the offers registration, check to see if we can find customers for your products:

  • Enter contact information

  • Download offer

  • Expect a response within 1 day

PS: If we cannot guarantee the traffic for your offers, our specialists will provide a number of recommendations on how to make money by selling products in our CPA-network

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